Sunday, November 20, 2016


Long before that skinny spaced-out rocket man speed-freak Jeff Bezos came to my home town and turned everything sideways, it was known as the Jet City. ~ Where everyone at HASTY TASTY was high on Bennies [speed] all night long. ~ Ergo, my vivid Sunday afternoon dream about everyone drinking cheap red wine and playing Elton John's 1974 hit song BENNIE AND THE JETS, at: ~ And the local giant negros basketball team was called the SEATTLE SUPER SONICS. ~ Later depicted in one of my all time favorite private life movies entitled BEING THERE, at: ~ Which came out on the very same day that my exwife called me from France and sent me packing. ~ And then a secret Masonite society Mormon Republican was elected President in North Carolina, where they shot the film, who valued my personal advice and input on matters of economic policy and religion. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN KEMP: That P-31 crashed and burned to a crisp in Elko, Nevada for a reason. ~ Looks like somebody needs a change of heart. ~ And that's a good thing. ~ It happens to the best of us sometimes. ~ BTW, do you still play the piano? ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Loved those dairy farmer overalls on you at the symbolic LAX airport. ~ It's so nice to know that some of my wives still actually listen to me and take my financial advice seriously. ~ LIMITED PARTNERSHIP NOTES: My dream about Sandra Bullock giving me 3 big ones a year, just to get started, was a combined 3-way limited partnership indie film financing co-op concept. ~ What woman wants to look like she is in her early 50s, when she can look like she is in her late 20s? ~ Big fucking deal, you have to spend money to make money. ~

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