Thursday, November 17, 2016


They say that salvation in Christ is basically free money. ~ But whenever I see a christian who is backing Hillary Clinton's satantic vision of equal salvation for all by 666 government fiat; I get very very nervous. ~ And I start to ask for my money up front, just in case. ~ As just confirmed by that yuuge AMEREN ILLINOIS gas explosion at the old Lincoln opera theater in Canton, Illinois, at: ~ Near Fiatt, and that Woody Norris A-bomb landmark reference to his look alike figure in the DR.STRANGELOVE prophecy. ~ Big fucking deal, I like'em young and I like'em hot, like at: ~ So would you if you were me. ~ Well, some of you anyway. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS NATALIE MERCHANT: Michael recently told me that I get to fuck you when your become 29 years-old again. ~ Works for me. ~ How can I argue with that? ~

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