Monday, October 31, 2016


That man sitting between me and my two 1986 era sons at WRIGLEY FIELD is your typical Mormon Republican establishment asshole who is still trying to stop my hot young wives from doing their "SHAKE IT UP BABY NOW!!" number in FBDO. ~ Calm down now; the current leader of the LDS church in Utah is a former national German airline pilot from Munic; and in some ways that is a good thing. ~ The whiter the better is what I always say. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ANGELINE LILLY: Most of today's way too X expensive sports cars look too over the top to me these days. ~ Ergo, all of those alien looking slant-eyed grey skinned UFO Asians driving around Vancouver, BC in their high tech computer cars that look like retro 1960s X-15 space rockets on wheels. ~ Personally, I prefer something that is more down to earth looking in both style and substance, like at: ~ You get what you pay for, is what I always say. ~ BACKGROUND NOTES: That is Prince Charles sitting in the background at the high society French restaurant in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF. ~ PS TERI RUTHERFORD: Bueller's cute Jewish sister was driving the same white Indian PONTIAC sports car that you were driving back in the 1980s in Bellevue, Washington; complete with defective hand job brake stick and broken arm rest seat mechanism. ~ Hey, "Nothing goes smooth anymore." NAPOLEON DYNOMITE, circa November 2016. ~

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