Sunday, October 9, 2016


There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth when Donald Trump becomes elected President on November 8, 2016. ~ As just confirmed by this morning's astonishingly painful death scenes involving those 5 foolish wrong-way virgins up in Burnie Sander's Vermont, at: ~ Four of whom were from the metaphorical Harwood [Hardwood] High School Republican Party G.W. election zero 16 prophecy in ELECTION. ~ Talk about going north, as things start to go south; just south of Jerico, and due west of Moscow. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: Basically, I believe in righteous EZE.9 style genocide, righteous type slavery, an equal 10% tax for all, rich or poor white Russian style, white or black; not forgiving murderers and rapists, like Bill Clinton er all; and of course, righteous three-way sex with more than one of my hot 29ish looking Eastern European model wives. ~ As portrayed in such Providentially made independent films as I SERVED THE KING OF ENGLAND. ~ HIGH SCHOOL DEBATE TEAM NOTES: That white Donald Trump voter QB Tom Brady beat down the nigger loving no.33 church Republicans in Cleveland by a score of 33... to whatever. ~ Jesus Christ!! What's next? ~ [The last 4th quarter 3-point QB hero running for class President in ELECTION is a white dude who looks like Sandra Bullock's co-star in SPEED's Area Code 310 bus crash movie.] ~

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