Sunday, October 16, 2016


Does San Diego's foolish I-5 freeway virgin mayor named Faulconer not know that the flying tan truck from Texas was a falconer raptor EZE.10 sign from above?.. At: ~ That was based upon Mr.Paynes' wagon wheel ribs joint prophecy about the ten virgins in MATTHEW 25 entitled SIDEWAYS. ~ And is it still too early to say that the tan pickup's dents and scrapes on the side are evidence that the sailor dog got sideways before he crashed down on that WAGON WHEEL BAR T-shirts booth head first? ~ I guess only the shadow knows for right now. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TOUCH OF EVIL NOTES: THE 44S blues cover band from LA was performing when the 4x4 pickup went airborn in confirmation of that Redneck's pickup running over those crazy misfit LAmanites up in Reno. ~ I AM is not shitting you on this one. ~ Many of those LA RAZA saddle bike riders at the park below I-5 were from the Orange County, LA area. ~ BLAZZING SADDLE NOTES: Barry said that talk radio is a product of the wild west. ~ DUH!! ~ Think TRUE GRIT is about Obama's queer-as-orange fake birth certificate and his upcoming arrest warrant issued by Arizona's real white man average Joe Sheriff. ~

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