Sunday, October 30, 2016


I would bet dollars to donuts that the white guy who dumped a yuuge shit load of manure fertilizer in front of the DNC headquarters in Warren County, Ohio had no idea that Warren Beatty was coordinating his new [Steven Hughes] movie publicity in the Sunday NYT with the election campaign of Hillary Clinton. ~ Remember, this was the same crazy Hollywood 1960s SHAMPOO actor who was going around California interrupting the enthusiastic political rallies of Arnold Schwarzenegger. ~ Since the tall half Jewish moderate Republican with died hair was supposed to be some radical right-wing dumbbell racist Nazi threat to Africanized Americans and Nativist Americans; not to mention today's anti American backstabbing Communist Internationalist Jews ~ For example, see: ~ GSR/TWN ~ LINKED SAUSAGE NOTES: Notice the broken up blacktop street in front of the above mentioned DNC headquarters at: ~ LYRICS LINKS: Read the part about Hillary's lies in the FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF song lyrics at: ~ INSIDE BASEBALL NOTES: Bueller's Indian bride is sitting next to seat no.104 at WRIGLEY FIELD; juxtaposed to my blond cotton top son, circa 1986. ~ For the film's various $104 M artworks by Picasso. ~ Like when we see Ken Keisler in the museum sequence observing that evergreen state landscape painting at 57:10 minutes. ~ And then we see my French German exwife Laurence Pierson standing beside her young mother in the French impressionist painting at around 57:30. ~ Both Cameron and I drove a 1976 ALFETTA sports sedan; for a same car, same movie sign thing. ~ DOJ CASE NOTES: That negro basketball 666 idol trophy gets lynched with a rope around it's neck in Bueller's bedroom because she is a typical [Oprah Winfrey] type overweight lesbian talk show host example of what is wrong with America in the 1290 days era of the prince in DAN.9. ~ FOGGY BOTTOM NOTES: They called the USA State Department the foggy bottom problem with Washington, DC politics long before Hillary Clinton ever came along. ~ "10" NOTES: Dudley Moore's movie about me stalking Miranda Kerr is probably a 10 days prelude election day zero 16 thing. ~ Think ZERO EFFECT meets TO DIE FOR meets DRUGSTORE COWBOY, at: ~

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