Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Do you really believe that that angry as hell and buck naked Donald Trump toe-truck voter at the end of SIDEWAYS could give a flying fuck about whatever Donald Trump said on the shock jock Howard Stern show some 11 years ago? ~ If so, you are probably crazy enough to believe in your own FANTASY ISLAND tv show media remakes about George Bush, John McCain, and Paul Ryan not voting for Trump on November 8, zero 16. ~ Welcome to the real world of today's reality TV culture. ~ Where you say shit on this week's episode; and then you say the opposite shit in the next week's episode. ~ Hell, it's better than working for $15 an hour at COSTCO for an honest living. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: The reason why I will be voting for you is because you are a better man than that wanna-be man Hillary Clinton. ~ MR.BIG NOTES: We know that THE BIG LEBOWSKI's no.5 checkout scene is about Mr.Relf after we see the physical transfiguration prelude on the much years-later special edition DVD update. ~ Which includes an up front and totaly honest extended trailer for THE ICE HARVEST. ~ That features all of the lead actors in their best looking post WW:III physical transfiguration Nazi medicine years, at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ice_Harvest ~ Oh yeah, me Adolf Hitler, you Karl Marx. ~ PS HOLLYWOOD: My partners and I now have more than enough money to buy up every major corporate motion picture studio stock asset in LA. ~

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