Monday, October 10, 2016


There were three 4.+ earthquakes out in the REV.13:1 sea off the Hwy.101 sand dunes of Oregon on debate Sunday; due west of North Tenmile Lake of course. ~ For those 5 foolish high school virgins who died in double fiery wrong way car explosions on I-89 in Vermont. ~ Who represented the Hillary Clinton voters in ELECTION's close 50/50 count. ~ Complete with lesbian subplot and timely portraits of Obama's tall Jewish [Log Cabin Republican] Abraham Lincoln hero. ~ Ergo, Paul's other favorite fruit is the banana. ~ And the film's future Hillary-for-president girl hands out little chocolate pussy cup cakes with the lesbo "Pick Flick" clitortoise joke on them. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS POPE 666: More Mel Gibson, less Michael Moore. ~ DATELINE NOTES: Today's date is 10.10. ~ So keep an eye out for any ten virgins 50/50 signs and wonders in your own private Idaho life. ~ ELECTION NOTES: There is a map of brown Mexico in Mr. McAllister's classroom that is for that big capital letter 'W' seen right above his head on the abrieviated US Constitution poster. ~ That has all of the bad parts in it cut out and removed for human consumption. ~ PS TRUMP: Friday's foolish virgins school bus crash in Franklin County, [Frankenstein] Virginia happened near Penhook. ~ For all of those amazing EZE.9 hook shots that you were making in my visionary dream about you. ~ By the by; nice job in the symbolic second [woe] debate at Washington. ~ Can't wait for the third woe to happen now in REV.11. ~ Because that is when I get all of the girls and all of the money. ~ Not to mention the big paying acting gigs of my choice. ~ PS HILLARY: That fly on your face represented the fly girls in the HAMMER TIME video. ~

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