Friday, October 14, 2016


Keni was partying like Lindsay Lohan in the after hours at the ARC in Paris when Mrs.West got her metaphorical North Little Rock, ARK ring stolen; and she was so rudely pussy gripped when they dumped her fat ass into her $10,000 Italian marble bathtub; complete with matching GOLDMEMBER/GOLDFINGER inspired fawcets, knobs, and toilet works. ~ Per those two rings that needed to be recovered by any means necessary from the typical Trump voter at the end of Payne's SIDEWAYS. ~ Or as that proverbial Donald Trump voter says at the orange bowling ally lane no.23 in 1997's THE BIG LEBOWSKI prophecy, "You're entering a world of pain..." if you even think that you can get away with crossing the line and cheating on America's NRA voters. ~ When his crazy exwife had left him in charge of her hairy poochie; while she went on some Barry [Manilow] Obama style fantasy [birth papers] island vacation with her latest lover boy. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MICHAEL MEDVED: More original blond British LAWENCE OF ARABIA, less black African PLANET OF THE APES remakes. ~ Believe it or not, I do completely understand your personal HIGH ANXIETY Idaho Jewish problem. ~ Case in point; g-d now wants me and you to watch together no.10's bland ten virgins portrait remake of TARZAN the Republican man voter at,,_the_Ape_Man_(1981_film) ~ PS TRUMP: The flip side of my TARZAN THE APE MAN starring Bo Derek has her ten virgins movie about me becoming obsessed with Miranda Kerr in zero 16, at: ~ PS MANI: Your body guard was stabbed in the eye at your Malibu shag pad in confirmation of Mr.M getting stung in the eye by a yellow jacket in ELECTION, zero 16. ~ PS SIENNA: It's OK if you do not like me, or agree with me for now. ~ Just as long as you are sexually attracted to me and my money. ~ First things first when it comes to flirty fishing. ~ Or to put it more gracefully; the idea of free salvation in Christ is like having free sex with me. ~ And I AM is only half kidding. ~ Image my painful long suffering lonely nights as I watch Bo Derek's bland Republican Party Reagan era remake of TARZAN. ~ Wherein the likes of John McCain and George Bush can't stand to have any dramatic plot structure to their warm and fuzzy privately scripted lives. ~ PS BARRY: Don't make me not like you anymore. ~

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