Wednesday, October 12, 2016


They tore down the arked Broadway Bridge to I-40 North Little Rock, ARK Tuesday in confirmation of that expensive little Jewish cut rock that got stolen from Mrs.West in Paris. ~ According to today's Ark of the Covenant desecration along the day 1290 river in DANIEL 12. ~ Mrs.West's little innocent virgin daughter being named North and all tha last days nigga prophecy stuff. ~ Ergo, this is how it will go down in zero 16; metaphorically speaking, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PSYCHEDELIC NOTES: A cascade of neon light heart shaped images started to flash under my eye lids right before I saw that FOX NEWS report about some crazy Muslim trying to crash his teacher's PA-34 into a jet airplane plant's headquarters at 3:40 in Hartford, CONN, at: ~ PS JENNIFER GARNER: When you went up to Reno to register more college misfits who support Hillary Clinton, some Trump casino player got attacked by a savage mob of LAmanites; who used a pool stick to bash into his pickup truck window on the driver's side. ~ And we all know now how that kind of thing is going to end. ~ PS MEL BROOKS: I got your DVD collection set at WALMART the other week for $34 because HIGH ANXIETY is obviously a prophetic portrait about how today's insane psychiatrist pop culture Jews in the liberal media will be feeling after the Donald Trump 5-star hotel owner becomes legally elected the President of America in 2016. ~ Think BLAZZING SADDLES' nigger sheriff movie meets the Jewish made TRUE GRIT:II movie. ~

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