Friday, October 7, 2016


The worst twisters in Kansas hit Saline County and Cowley County. ~ For that salty brown cow who just got her rock stolen in Paris. ~ Ergo, Rock, Kansas is located along Hwy.77 near the Walnut River: not to mention New Salem. ~ Since the 1290th day anniversary of Judah, circa 1996, falls on October 16. ~ Which is when Sukkot begins after sundown. ~ Meanwhile, weather reports have MATTHEW 25 grinding away exactly 50/50 miles off the REV.13:1 sands of the 666 JFK rocket launching pad area. ~ GSR/TWN ~ JACOB 5 NOTES: This book of sacred scripture is about when the Republican Party LDS church leadership would become bland and without savor. ~ NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE NOTES: Kipp, Kimball, and Kiro, Kansas etc. are all latter day saints Yom Kippur 2016 landmarks. ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Keep doing what Jesus inspires you to do. ~ Me Jesus, you Jane, like at this three way video at: ~ PS WEST: You're pretty good, but not this good, at: ~ More 5 virgin polygamist wives in post mormon Reagan era harem pants, less Hillary Clinton lesbian bitches in men's suit pants on the Ellen Generous show. ~ PS MISS MONTANA: Everything is going to change for the better on your upcoming 11.23 birthday. ~ Think LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE: II&III; if the money is right. ~

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