Friday, October 21, 2016


That future female editor of the NYT, [Now teaching journalism at HARVARD.] who drives a white pro Obama era MARK IV LINCOLN Jew canoe gets it from the long gray haired middle aged werewolf [Mr.Relf] figure riding on her roof at a MOBILE gas station in WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON. ~ Because in the year zero 16 most people would be getting their futuristic fairytail 666 news every morning on their various cartoonish DICK TRACY comic book mobile wrist watch devices. ~ For when the film's white Donald Trump administration DOJ sheriff Joe look alike [angry white man] would be connecting that 49ERS black panthers team leader sporting a Jewfro shampoo job with murdering her. ~ And then his 1970s era action movie bitch gets trapped inside of a fallen sideways telephone Internet line connection [Sukkot] booth, circa October 23, 2016. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SANDRA BULLOCK: You still look pretty damn good to me. ~ That said, I do have a few notes. ~ PS CONAN O'BRIEN: Still not seeing your screenplay for LEP:5 in my mail box. ~ PS LARRY AND JERRY: That 1260 days era SEINFELD episode about Kramer betting it all on Donald Trump was a prophecy about the time when Woody Allen would make his WHATEVER WORKS in zero 16 prophecy. ~ Hey, you shoot me in the right foot, I shoot you in the left foot. ~ PS BRAD PITT: Welcome to the real world of today. ~ When the whore of Babylon will be in charge of everything at the FBI and the DOJ. ~ Don't worry about it for now. ~ In the upcoming Kingdom of God, an evil wife will not be allowed to testify against her righteous husband in the corrupt apostate christian monogamy courts of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11,12,13, etc. ~

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