Wednesday, October 12, 2016


After little Miss Hillary cleans up Barack Obama's fake birth certificate memories using the school's new computer imaging software, she takes a hard fall from atop her plastic garbage can campaign stump; pulling down her phony ballony, plastic banana good time rockn' roll NYT campaign banner headline with her. ~ Which also goes for that darker skinned negro student standing on the back row at around 45:45 minutes. ~ Then Mr. Payne cuts to a prophetic campaign poster of no.14 Paul passing the football to Donald Trump; that says, "YOU BET-ZLER!!" ~ For a negro BET television thing, circa 2016. ~ And then we see the blood of Benghazi on Hillary Clinton's hands. ~ Followed up by a line from Mr.McAllister that goes, " There's your culprit." As he pulls a wad of dirty hair out of the bathtub of the film's crazy woman who lied to him. ~ Note the Jennifer Garner look alike standing next to her on the front row in the above G.W. CARVER high school yearbook picture. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GLENN BECK: More Joseph Smith, less Gordon B Hinckley. ~ PS JENNIFER ANISTON: Last week at GOODWILL, I found a previously enjoyed copy of ROCK STAR. ~ Don't make me use it. ~ I'm just about out of patience with you. ~ And so is your so called husband who thinks that he is Jesus Christ. ~

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