Wednesday, October 26, 2016


The nationalist election victory parade for Donald Trump in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF features the celebretory sounds of his trumpets against the many images of his official campaign USA flags. ~ While yours truly belts out TWIST AND SHOUT with my many hot beauty contestant wives in Chicago's annual lost tribes of Israel Oktoberfest parade. ~ While Beuller's sexy Indian bride watches from the sidelines in her traditional INDIANS leather baseball colored jacket. ~ And I AM is handed the King of England's royal scepter of Judah at around 1:04:... into it. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SOLID 10 NOTES: Those ten virgin children were injured on an I-95 car crash near Katy's Perryman, Mary/land landmark and Katy's Churchville, [mother] Mary/land landmark. ~ THE ALTERNATIVE ENDING TO THE BREAKUP NOTES: My phony birth certificate sidekick with a Hawaiian tan job breaks up when the sister finally breaks through his closed-tight door and shouts "I KNEW IT!!" ~ Ergo, the red 1961 FERRARI's odometer says 301; juxapositioned to the 126- days count down number of 120 in confirmation of Sheriff Joe's 3.01 press conference about the fraudulent 1961 document that Barrack Obama has posted on his official Greek columns white house similitude in the iconic 1986 Ronald Reagan era John Hughes movie. ~ Or as Ferris Bueller says at the end of the film credit clips, "'s over, go home..." ~ PS KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: I do hope that you do know that I post a lot of silly things about me lusting after you, while Carey Mulligan is pressing down hard on my cock in THE SHINNING, etc. just in order to entice today's low information millennials to vote for Donald Trump in zero 16. ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ PS MEL: "I once dabbled in passivistism myself..." says the future all American Donald trump voter in THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II. ~

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