Monday, October 3, 2016


MATTHEW 25 is slamming Haiti right now in confirmation of the 7.0 that wrecked the [REV.16] African American country on the duel 1.12 birthday anniversary of the two witnesses back on zero 10. ~ And then that foolish 5 virgins Hillary 7-hills beast supporter of Clinton er all, Sean Penn, immediated dropped everything and dashed down to the French Port-au-Prince in a madcap comedy frenzy; believing somehow that he could stop the 1290 days prophecy about the DANIEL 9 prince and his cursed dark skin people who would start to hate Donald Trump with a purple passion some 5 years later. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MILEY: The character named Miles in SIDEWAYS appeared on the screen many years before Ellen got sick and so you filled in for her by sitting sideways on the show's royal sofa throne in 1951's ROYAL WEDDING prophecy. ~ TIMELINE NOTES: See the 1335 days time stamp on this link at: ~ This is why I AM is the one mighty and strong in DC 85 and 2BC 91; and Woody Norris is now my sidekick bitch in the big-picture scheme of things. ~ PS BARACK OBAMA: Obviously, you are not the Antichrist; simply because there is no such thing in last days prophecy scripture. ~ True enough, every single well corroborated word in Larry [King] Sinclair's little thin sweet&sour REV.10 paperback novel book about you murdering Donald Young on 12:23 and sucking on his cocaine pipe cock in the back of a black LINCOLN LAWYER limo north of Chicago is completely true. ~ BFD ~ George Bush has now endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in zero 16; therefore all bets are off now. ~ You cheat on me, I cheat on you. ~

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