Sunday, October 9, 2016


God pointed his finger at the political horse race track off of Jericho Hwy and said this is where the next PENN STATION train of pain and sorrow is going to happen around 9:00. ~ For my EZE.9 gold CROSS pen dream that looked like the one with a cue tip design at: ~ Which corresponds with the cursed city of Jericho in the 66 book Bible of apostate christianity. ~ Located near the Scottish community of Stewart, Long Island, per: ~ Let me guess; Matthew and Sarah have a place in the Hamptons. ~ Or they did, but they just sold it and bought elsewhere. Calling PAGE SIX!! ~ GSR/TWN ~ ELECTION 2016 NOTES: We know that ELECTION is a prophecy when Mr.McAlister starts comparing apples with the man with a tan from Orange County, California at 23:29. ~ Suggesting that one day something very different will come along. ~ And then little Ms Queen Hillary flies into a hysterical hissy fit because she thought that she would have no competition in the election. ~ Proclaiming that the typical Greek frat house jock Donald Trump has "no qualifications". ~ FBI TIP: That FANTASY ISLAND tv Hawaiian birth certificate invitation in ELECTION is my final offer for the Jewish Mr.Comey to offer up his resignation; before I AM is forced to have him fired in disgrace after the election on November 8, 2016. ~ PS PAUL RYAN: Don't kid yourself. ~ You too look like a God damn dirty half Jew. ~ Where David was forced to go back and live with his mother in the ELECTION 2016 prophecy, according to: PS KRISTEN STEWART: Don't get me wrong. ~ You look hot as hell in a bisexual men's suit. ~ Since I know that you are not the typical sexually agressive power-oriented lesbian hating bitch from hell like Hillary Clinton, Madonna, or Angelina Jolie. ~ Who always surround themselves with your typical 70s hi-fi stereo-typical power-obsessed divorced Jewish female lawyers who graduated from Yale. ~ PS SNL: What did I tell you? ~ There was a gazillion bazillion dollars of free publicity money just lying there on the writers' conference oak wood table for you. ~ But no, you all' were so pussy whipped that you had to settle for Alice Baldwin doing a cheap imitation of Donald Trump for union scale. ~ Talk about Hitler's infamous born again, and again, and again, future GSR/TWN 'Jewish problem'. ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: 1961's MISFITS is about that misfit Donald Trump becoming the wildcard King of Hollywood after he gets elected the President of America on November 8, 2016, at: ~

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