Thursday, October 6, 2016


One those two masked PINK PANTHER thieves fingered Mrs.West when they put her naked body into her Italian mob marble bathtub prophecy. ~ At least it felt that way when one of them had to get a firm grip on her two tons of fun crotch. ~ In confirmation of Peres dying exactly 5 days before the 10 days of repentance down in Jewish, Florida. ~ And now the MATTHEW 25 storm of the 10 virgins has veered west; and is expected to grind on America's yuuge cock icon starting exactly 5 days into Donald Trump's latter days FEAST OF TRUMPETS day prophecy, circa 2016. ~ Think all is well that ends well at the end of THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL. ~ When MCDONALDS' scary as hell double-meat BIG MACK clown named Donald Trump takes white Dutch German Pennsylvania, and Jewish north Florida by storm on November 8. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PSA NOTES: My advice for today's average American voter is this. ~ Please, please, for God's sake, whatever you do on this upcoming November 8 election day, do not go out and vote; especially if you are a typical woman, or a typical minority. ~ Ergo, in the upcoming Kingdom of God, only white men, and their white wives who hold titled property will be allowed to vote. ~ Since the very definition of today's G7 democratic fascism is based on the right of the majority to steal from the 1% minority. ~ PS HOWARD STERN: Obviously, SNL's Jewish comedy writers and producers choked on it at the last minute. ~ BIG FUCKING DEAL. ~ Right now you have more cash money in the bank than THE NEW YORK TIMES and the NBC/ABC/CBS networks put together. ~ PS MARTIN SCORSESE: By now, everyone knows that Mr. Hillary Clinton is a rapist, and Barack Obama is the illegal alien usurper in MARK 13:14. ~ So where exactly are you trying to go with this? ~

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