Thursday, October 20, 2016


The latest media hysteria about Donald Trump ignoring the constitutional election results and declaring himself to be the new strong man leader of America is what 1973's WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON Nixonian fairytale is all about. ~ Since Al Gore did the exact same thing after he lost the 50/50ish election to G.W. down in Florida. ~ Simply because a few of those really old Jews got confused by their paper ballets and marked it the wrong way. ~ "You play games with me, I play games with you." PEE WEE HERMAN ~ For example, in the above cinematic revelation from g-d, the DC establishment coctail party class' old gray lady welcomes the suggestion that we need to change the US Constitution; in order to make it OK that even a non US citizen can be president. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: That pickup with a tan crashed down onto the roof of the T-shirt booth of those prideful racists with a tan in confirmation of those roofers at the very beginning of SIDEWAYS. ~ Who knocked on Miles' door and asked him to move his badly parked 1993 SAAB convertible car. ~ PS MM: More above the line, less below the line. ~ In other words, Donald Trump is going to win in Mitt Romney's Michigan state on November 8 because he is a white man, and not some white lesbian feminist wanna be man originally from Chicago. ~ More manliness, less girlyness. ~ More Mel Gibson; less Michael Moore. ~ NO.10 NOTES: Right now, I'm only half way into Bo Derek's TARZAN THE APE MAN 1981 Ronald Reagan prophecy about me fucking two of my wives who are 30 years younger than me. ~

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