Monday, October 3, 2016


Mrs.West was robbed of exactly $10,000,000 Canadian by a party of 5 crooks on Neve Campbell's birthday in confirmation of her little virgin negro daughter pix in SIDEWAYS; who is named North. ~ As the MATTHEW 25 storm heads north towards Hillary's socialist brown Cuban cigar paradise island. ~ Not to mention my own off-shore tax-free BANK OF CANADA accounts in the Bahamas. ~ Where my friend just picked up Michael Douglas's sweet digs for a cool 10 big ones in cash money on the barrel; no questions asked. ~ Based on the fancy LAST TANGO IN PARIS hotel in THE DARJEELING LIMITED's prophecy about George Bush and Mitt Romney er all endorsing Hillary Clinton. ~ Which repeats the alternative ending to THE BREAKUP in Chicago. ~ Where Jennifer Aniston and I happen to run into my exwife and her new look alike replacement husband Steven Hughes. ~ Think RISKY BUSINESS meets RISKY BUSINESS:II. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BLAZZING SADDLES NOTES: That fiery bus crash in eastern Mexico was a Donald Trump "feel the burn" warning. ~ In other words, the more you don't listen to me; and you don't like me; and you don't respect me; the more I start to look like you do every morning in the bathroom mirror. ~ What goes around comes around, and then comes around, and comes around again and again; until either you stop it, or somebody else puts a stop to it for you. ~ Think THE MATADOR meets THE NOVEMBER MAN; both starring Pierce [County] Brosnan. ~ TABLOID GOSSIP NOTES: Ms.Campbell's half Scotish Canadian genealogy tree is Dutch [windmill] Jewish. ~ Because she has a family history tree that goes back on her mother's side to Amsterdam; where she still lives. ~ Which includes various prominent Orthodox rabbis who were also in the diamond business. ~ "I was raised as a Catholic, but most of the family ancestors on my mother's side were Dutch Orthodox Jews." Neve [winter time snow] Campbell.

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