Saturday, October 22, 2016


"Are you chewing gum?" is possibly the most surprising and mightiest of all lines in SIDEWAYS; since the final 4-squared zero 16 baseball pennant race mathmatics algebra equation is now going to be answered, one way or the other, at the end of Sukkot at WRIGLEY STADIUM in Chicago. ~ In confirmation of little Miss Hillary's rigged campaign to become class president at G.W. high in the ELECTION 2016 prophecy; using free sticks of jewing gum to sucker in the kids. ~ "My high school teacher mother warned me not to accept chewing gum from strangers; because it might be laced with LSD." Marlin Hale circa 1969, Yakima, Washington. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ROOF TOP NOTES: As a fan who got hooked on watching Sanders play for the CUBS on WOR 9 CHICAGO during my Renton, Washington, BOEING jet plant Reaganite satellite dish salesman 1980s period; I do hope that they go all the way. ~ PS BILL GATES: Seattle's scary as hell JP PATCHES 710 KIRO clown was a forerunner to your many years of trying to patch up all of those holes in your MICROSOFT software products, like at: ~ Oh yeah, less girly man democracy, more real strong man fascism. ~ No wonder that your FORTUNE 500 corporate recruiters took a second look at my smelly brother Jeff Relf in sweat pants and decided to take a pass on him. ~ No really. ~ Who would ever show up at some interview at MICROSOFT, circa 1985, wearing really stinky $9 sweat pants from WALMART? ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: More America, less Africa. ~

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