Saturday, October 29, 2016


That iconic shot of a flying no.9 REDWINGS jersey FERRARI metaphore in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF was confirmed by that 767 flight to Maimi catching on fire before takeoff at: ~ Talk about 'directing is casting' based upon that Italian actor who took the kids' major league 1961 sports car for a fast ride around town. ~ In between the time Trump is elected President, and Trump is inaugurated President. ~ Who looked like a savage LAmanite Indian in some typical 1961 white man John Wayne wagon wheels western ho movie. ~ GSR/TWN ~ THANK YOU NOTES: Bueller sings DAN/KE SCHOEN in the above 1986 Reagan era ELECTION movie prophecy for a big thank you to all of those Germanic white people who voted for Donald Trump in zero 16. ~ PS BRUCE: More Father of Jesus, less Mother of Jesus. ~ PS BOB: I have been living in your head rent free for the past 21 years. ~ So what does one more year even matter in the big scheme of things? ~ Not to mention the hot young virgin talent at Lehi High School in Utah County who want to be involved with anything and everything that I AM is involved in. ~ So much money, so little time to spend it. ~ PS DON WILLY: I need you to start scouting around for the next hot underaged thing in one of your high school classes to star in my first series of hot BARELY LEGAL magazine teen sex movies. ~

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