Thursday, October 13, 2016


All of those little mom&pop bakeries across America who have refused to bake a chocolate cake for some local gay wedding crashers abomination, and are now being sued by the giant federal 666 government of Barack Obama and George Bush, are confirmation of the swampy campaign stump prophecy in Baker County, Florida; located next to St.George, in Georgia. ~ Per those 480 lesbian cupcakes that the little Miss lesbian Hillary Clinton character hands out in the ELECTION zero 16 prophecy that was made by Mr.Payne in 1997. ~ You tread on me, I tread on you; times two. ~ According to the McClenny landmark right there, northwest of Orange Park and Doctors Inlet. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JENNIFER: The above ELECTION prophecy ends with Don singing his trademark 1960s psychedelic LSD/LDS hit song JENNIFER. ~ PS TOM HANKS: The latest trending pop culture video panic in your voice sounds very familiar to the tunes of this band from the casino stages in Donald Trump's VIVA LAS VEGAS winning race car prophecy at: title=Panic!_at_the_Disco&mobileaction=toggle_view_desktop ~ More sexy skin tight leather pants style socialist fascism; less not so sexy baggy pants socialist capitalism. ~ Have you ever seen a Jewish lesbian communist anti American hero wearing a black full length leather trenchcoat? ~ Didn' think so; "...the times, they are a changing." Bob Dylan, 1970. ~ "Be smart, not dumb." ~ To paraphrase Mike Myers in THE LOVE GURU. ~ More Donald Trump, less Hillary Clinton. ~ Think THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL meets MARATHON MAN. ~ When Donald Trump er all will finally become the President of America. ~ According to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW meets that Andy Warhall inspired 1973 ripoff entitled WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON. ~ And I AM is not kidding you on this one. ~ Half of today's Jews in LA believe that Donald Trump is the very fulfilment of the latter-day-saints 666 beast prophecy in this film. ~ Not kidding; see the extremely negative reviews by today's Washinton, DC establisment elite film-goers on this one at: ~ PS NO.44: More Ronald Reagan, less Richard Nixon; time is quickly running out. ~ You need to start recognizing and acknowledging and understanding your special place in Biblical 1290 days prophecy. ~ And stop worrying about what those ignorant Nazi leather obsessed athiest Jews think about you in the newspapers. ~

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