Thursday, January 30, 2014


I was bored to death last night. So I went through my stacks of unseen discounted/new/used DVDs, and found THE DEPARTED; which I last saw when it was playing at REGAL's TALL FIRS 10 theaters in 2006. ~ ~ Basically, it is a prophecy about me spying on the right, and my Barack Obama sidekick spying on the left; who is located at street number 344, door 'B'. ~ ~ Wherein everybody in the movie dies, and then becomes a born again hero. ~ ~ Ending with Mark Walburg, whose law enforcement career died when he found out that the FBI could give a flying fuck if Barack Obama is not even a US "CITIZEN". ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ OBOT NOTES: The black man's childish toy robots on the sidewalk next to the phone booth in PHONE BOOTH are a prophetic representation of today's phony "Obots". Who stand up and cheer along with the third way media when Obama declares that he is going to start ruling by fiat. ~ ~ Which was just confirmed by Italy's FIAT buying that legendary 7-Crowns CHRYSLER building with the southern Christian KKK cone head alien design in Jew York. ~ ~ That scene where the phony media publicist tries to quickly skip by MARIO'S Italian restaurant is about the fact that there is no such thing as a free lunch, or a dinner. ~ ~ You lie, you die, left and right. ~ ~ Mormon, Jew, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist; makes no difference to Jesus. ~ ~ A red rose is a red rose by any other name. ~ ~ PROVIDENCE NOTES: Almost every character in the pre-Obot prophecy entitled THE DEPARTED, was obsessed with the threatening old world city state of Providence, Rhode Island. Because in the near future, that is where Taylor Swift and Emma Watson would be living part time in her white house mansion on top of a hill in Watch Hill, Washington County. With private beach front property on Block Island Sound, like at: ~ ~ Think Puget Sound, Washington, [George] Lopez Island. Where one of my wealthy Canadian style USA wives has already made a secretive fair value offer to purchase my family estate vacation property owned by the Brand family. ~ ~ Since the extremely rare unlisted south side beach front property is reminiscent of the south coast of England. ~ ~ BLIND HINT NOTE: See TWO WEEKS NOTICE meets PRACTICAL MAGIC's three-way prophecy. ~ ~ JACK SHIT NOTE: It does not even matter if Jack Nicholson dies from lung cancer tomorrow, or maybe next year, or maybe even never. ~ ~ Because Jack has served I AM so faithfully throughout the decades; just like Orson Welles and Marlon Brando and Lawrence Olivier served me throughout the thick and thin 60s and 70s; ending in the Jewish Democrat election of that tall Jewish Republican neo con Ronald Reagan in 1980. ~ ~

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