Friday, January 24, 2014


Friday morning, I woke up with my film festival day planner all set up for a late midnight screening of THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS. But then suddenly a series of unexpected miraculous events happened that basically just dropped me off right in front of GOODWILL. Where I found a mint condition used copy of THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND; which included some double feature assassin movie I never heard of called PHONE BOOTH. ~ ~ Obviously, the prophetic 2006 film about my African born identity sidekick was meant to be the segway to my screening of RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, so I got it. ~ ~ Oh well, "I fought the law, and the law won." [THE CABLE GUY] ~ ~ In other words, Rush Limbaugh et al are trying to fight the law that requires that the president of American be a US citizen. But they are going to lose this one, big time. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 66.6 JEW NOTES: That bipolar bear maniac hijacked that GRAYHOUND bus on Rt.66 in confirmation of that ten virgins dog race earthquake down in New Zealand. "THE JEWS ARE DOGS!" My de facto redhead Levite stepfather Leslie Winn, circa 1968. ~ ~ See: ~ ~ Ergo, Rush played clips of that dog-eat-dog New York Jew politician on Friday. ~ ~ Then a report came out about that liberal Jew media fuck who is collecting all the public records of white people who own guns, per:! ~ ~ The same day that all those country club Republican fucks at FOX reported that most people in Virginia support gay marriage. While keeping their mouth shut about the fact that such bullshit only represents the government worshipping people in Virginia who work in DC. Because everybody else who lives south of there is adamantly opposed to the decadent swingers 1970s culture of Sodom and Egypt; represented by Bob Redford and Dustin Hoffman. ~ ~ That silly young woman who was trampled to death by pink elephant rhinos in India means that the tea party is the future of America, post Barack Obama. According to Joseph Smith's White Horse Prophecy about some new independent party taking over American. And then that satanic accuser in REV.12 makes war with the saints of the Lamb. ~ ~ QUENTIN TARANTINO HAS BECOME AN UGLY OVERWEIGHT JEW NOTE JOKE: Dude, your latest bullshit western screenplay got ripped up by God because you don't want to even think about directing any of my James Bond pictures. Even though the money was more than right, and so were the scripts. ~ ~ Don't press your luck. For my kind of over-the-top tax\free cash money, you could be replaced by a Guy Richie or a Ben Stiller or a David Lynch in a heart beat; not to mention Mr LaBute, at half the price. ~ ~ All I gotta do is send over two of my future juice-sucking teenager wives with my latest Brad Pitt 007 screenplay; to make you an offer that you can't refuse. ~ ~ See this O.J. juice-man ape shit image at: ~ ~ PRINCESS DI NOTES: My two sons represent Princess Diana's two sons. ~ ~ ULTIMATE SUPER JEW NOTE: I fully understand how a lot of you Adam Sandler/Jerry Seinfeld type centrist Jews are a bit nervous about me and my legions of albino Ephraimite neo nazi supporters. So here's the deal; you give me my choice of any one of the 1970ish Italian sports cars that you are hoarding right now, and I call off my niggers. ~ ~ And don't forget to put a little extra something in the glove box for me. You know how easy I can be when it comes to money.

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