Tuesday, February 25, 2014


AN EDUCATION takes place in 1961 because that is when Barack Obama was born in African, and then he went to school in Indonesia as an Indonesian citizen. Which later allowed him to receive all that foreign student aid money that put him through Harvard. ~ ~ Sorry about scooping you on that 60 MINUTES; wish you were here. But alas, you are not, are you. ~ ~ Probably because of all those old liberal secular Jews who produce your Larry King type show. ~ ~ Obviously, it's time for some new young fresh blood. ~ ~ Think, DRACULA:DEAD AND LOVING IT:II meets SHAUN OF THE DEAD. ~ ~ Hence that iconic 80s Ghost Buster from Chicago died in LA from bad blood vessels problems. ~ ~ You Jew me in the ass, I Jew you in the heart. ~ ~ I know, just because I love you it does not mean that you are going to like me back. ~ ~ Which has been pretty much the story of my life, from the very beginning of the world. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ EDUCATION NOTES: In the 1961 prophecy starring Carey Mulligan, she eventually becomes a born again virgin who has never been to Paris. Where she originally lost her virginity to that half Jewish latter-day con man. ~ ~ Who was always taking his women to all those expensive shops in London and writing bad checks to cover it. ~ ~ And so now the national debt has more than doubled under that new Jew faker in the White House; and still all of the girls in the Hollywood soap opera news media are going along with it. ~ ~ Because that is what they were always taught at places like Brown and BYU. ~ ~ END GAME NOTES: Uk/rainy fell apart at the end of the Olympic games next door for a Black Sea sign. Hence my walking man checkmate shadow logo used by the ENDGAME producers of AN EDUCATION. ~ ~ This [Sea of Israel] situation is not going to turn out well in the short run. ~ ~ PS JANE FONDA: Calm down, you're not going anywhere. ~ ~ There is a Divinely timed reason why you remind me so much of my first love Donatella Greco. Per that French singer's album with the smoky eyes in AN EDUCATION. ~ ~ KING OF SCOTLAND NOTES: The last Scottish king of Uganda just signed into law that new bill which will make homosexuality a dead issue. Because in the Book of Mormon, it says that sometimes the gentile niggers will be more righteous than the old gray lady white women in Arizona who are now in charge of the apostate Christian Republican Party. ~ ~ 39ISH NOTES: Apparently the miraculous new leader of Italy is 39ish. Which looks to me like some kind of an amazing 39ish physical transfiguration cue/clue to make a really hot feature length porno film at George Clooney's lakefront shag pad. ~ ~ For example; I kind of get turned on, from behind the camera, while watching one of my 39ish wives getting her brains fucked out, AMERICA GIGOLO style.

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