Friday, February 21, 2014


I watched AN EDUCATION over two days. During which there was a huge smoky fire at a crop-duster chemicals depot confirmation of that stoned pilot in iD4. Located just across the state line where London, Minn [Mini] sits on Rt.34. Per the house no.34 at the end of the film where the naive Jenny encounters Professor Obama's Jewish mother holding his hand. ~ ~ Ergo, the end credits' song by Duffy, that goes, "There's no smoke without fire... Baby baby, you're a liar." ~ ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LANDMARK LINKS: ~ ~ Northwood, Iowa is located north of the Israelitish named Mason City; east of Scarsville's reference to the marred servant in the Book of Mormon. Nearby Gordonville, Minn is for the late Gordon B. Hinckley. Who was so famous for always being so Luke warm about the truth. Hence that chair named after him in the UU's English Literature department, located up in the highlands above SLC, UT. ~ ~ CLIFF NOTES: One can find Duffy's inspired and prophetic lyrics and video here, at: ~ ~ OSCAR NOTES: Sandra Bullock voted for Barack Obama twice, because her fake marriage certificate [birth certificate] husband was such a big liar; and she liked it. ~ ~ Think 2001 A SPACE ODDITY meets her recent zero gravity movie about that [big foot] football nigger that she adopted when she was still married to her lying sack of shit hubby. ~ ~ In the above educational movie, Sandy's future Long Beach, CA husband created a forged signature copy of a children's book by C.S. Lewis. Based upon the prophetic time machine concept when Rush Limbaugh would be putting out his childish fun loving patriotic books that say nothing about Obama's fake birth certificate and Social Security number. ~ ~ SUNSHINE PATRIOT NOTES: People who don't tell the truth about Barack Obama et al are the kind of rich christian white folks who are just too afraid to rock the money boat. ~ ~ But don't worry. My down low nigger associate-sidekick in DC is going to take care of all of them, and then some. You lie you die. And then you become born again. ~ ~ POLITICAL SIDENOTE: I definitely support Senator Cruz for President of the Republic of Texas. Since he is not a natural born USA citizen. And my first born was born on Texas Independence Day, per this year's OSCARS award show. ~ ~ Last I heard, my own son named Sean [Whoever] was some kind of an undercover Mr.Zero type tax accountant faker. ~ ~ For example, Mia Farrow's grown up son looks an awful lot like Tom Brady.

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