Saturday, February 15, 2014


I got only half way through Will Smith's iD4 last night. Which is about that illegal alien in the desecrated White House in 2014 who has no valid US citizenship ID; and already the reports are rolling out like a green bowling ball about massive homogaysexual style rear-ender fender-bender pile-ups outside of Medved's 1776 Philadelphia. Just like in the 1996 movie that was filmed down in Utah's red rock canyon country off of old Hwy.666. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ATLAS NOTES: One of the biggest iD4 type pile ups happened between Ben's Jerusalem and Will's weeping willow landmark, reported at: ~ ~ ALIEN ID4 IMAGE NOTES: See, ~ ~ My hot young trophy trout wife, Ms. Montana, kicked off her physical transfiguration tour in BC wearing a big furry feathery shoulders number homage to LAST TANGO IN PARIS, like at: ~ ~ Now it looks like I am going to half to find some kind of a juicy three-way supporting role for my other boy-wife, Ellen Page, in MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO sequel to LAST TANGO IN PARIS. In my world, there is no place for people with petty sexual preferences and orientations. ~ ~ In other words, "There are no lesbians in the Kingdom of God." [] ~ ~ DEAR ELIZABETH HURLEY: I do hope that you have my guest room all ready for me in London. When I suddenly arrive at your door with only two suitcases in hand; like in your own private prophecy co-starring Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock, entitled NOTTING HILL meets GREGORY'S GIRL meets Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan in AN EDUCATION. ~ ~ Believe me you. I AM is not at all interested in meaningless CARNIVAL OF SOULS sex. But He is definitely interested in having sex with you if it means something much more than mouth fucking. ~ ~ See my most favorite Jerry Seinfeld episode ever, wherein my creepy comedian figure of the future keeps referring to himself in the third person. ~ ~ And if that still does not do it for you. Watch me fuck and suck your brains out in my own private King of England prophecy called AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON meets THE WEIGHT OF WATER meets DARK SHADOWS. ~ ~ DEAR GISELE BUNDCHEN: That timely earthquake near New Bedford, Mass meant that I will get to bed you when it's all over. ~ ~ DAVID CODE NOTES: Lynch's last feature length home video was shot in Poland for a Roman Polanski prophecy about me fucking private school teenagers in Paris and Switzerland in the last days; just across the boarder from George Clooney's PLAYBOY mansion on Lake Como.

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