Friday, October 23, 2015


Hill/ary Clinton started caughing up a giant hair ball during the hearings yesterday up on the [7 hills] Hill. ~ ~ Big wow. ~ She is lying about Lybia. ~ ~ So what, the Republican leaders are lying about Barack Obama's fake computer generated birth certificate print-outs. ~ ~ Call me sexist, but I find it much more disturbing and surreal when white christian men lie to my face in their official duty bound capacities. ~ ~ Women and gay men with darker skin, like Obama, are supposed to lie. ~ ~ It is a natural born part of their self survival skills set. ~ ~ Ergo, lesbianism is not nearly as serious and troubling as homosexual behavior among men. ~ ~ Which is why most of them should not be allowed to vote; much less hold the priesthood. ~ ~ And of course, in the [] Kingdom of God, any man who is caught having sex with another man will be stoned to death after a brief trial, with no time and money wasting appeals. ~ ~ Talk about being freaked out and scared to death and ultra paranoid about homophobia!! ~ ~ I would be too if I were you. ~ ~ Talking as one Jew to another Jew. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TIPS: At the end of the DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRALS prophecy, yours truly sets the plate for all of those fabulous investment drop outs property opportunities that are located on your own private R/M mapbook guide outside of Yellowstone, etc. ~ ~ You protect me, I protect your money and your children. ~ ~ Minus the usual 10% in cash money on the barrel, Italian style. ~ ~ I don't ever work for free. ~ ~ Faith is dead without works, yada yada. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: Sometimes a deal can be made with me if you do not have the up front money for me right now. ~ ~ A little lost blue jay birdie outside my bedroom window told me that prime is still not so satisfied with their prestige Woody Allen TV internet delivery service deal. ~ ~ I mean think about it. ~ ~ You make a few extra $$$billions$$$ in just one day. What do you do next just to get your rocks off? ~ ~

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