Wednesday, October 7, 2015


DRUDGE posted up that pic yesterday of Barry Diller because the evil super Jew looks a lot like the 1290 days demon prince in G:II at: AND: ~ ~ Like I said, it's pretty hard to Jew a Jew; tweet tweet. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RLDS NOTES: In DC: 77 it says that the two witnesses are for Judah, not Ephraim. Which is why you guys still don't get it. ~ ~ PS JOE: You and your late son did a very flakely and ameturist hit job arrest of Larry Sinclair during his DC press conference about himself sucking on Barry's long brown cock while he sucked the crack pipe. ~ ~ All puns intended. ~ ~ Don't kid yourself. ~ ~ Hillary Clinton herself will bring up this very proffessiioonally coorrobborratted fact in Sinclair's underground paperback novel biography if you ever start to threaten her. ~ ~ TaLk about ANSWERED PRAYERS, like at: ~ ~ Think Truman Capote meets David Brock, just like at: ~ ~ EVIL NICE GUY NOTES: During the production of CADDYSHACK, Chevy Chase was always complaining to the director that Bill Murray was a really bad guy. And Bill Murray himself was always complaining to the producer that Chevy Chase was the actual evil guy. ~ ~ Whatever, that unidentified chocolate brown look alike candy bar anal sex turd that was floating around in the pool and scaring away all the white kids, represented Barry Obama's 42 months [country club] reign of terror that ends in 2016. ~ ~ Now that one can look back on the respective careers of both actors with a certain amount of mature perspective. IT is pretty obvious which one was the better it girl person. ~ ~ At least on an artistic talent level. ~ ~ G:II NOTES: The 4 ghostmen of the apocalypse in 1989 destroy today's Greek high court that is still stonewalling the truth about Barry's forged birth certificate and stolen SS number in 2016. Which is a French lady's homage to THE BLOB prophecy about America being invaded by illegal alien LAmanites who have dark skin. ~ ~ Hence, there is something that is not quite right about Stephen Spielberg's new 1950s era anticommunist movie. ~ ~ I smell a rat. ~ ~

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