Sunday, November 1, 2015


So I buy PURPLE RAIN at 5:41 pm last Thursday at TARGET. Then later I read about that massive recycling plant fire in South LA that had erupted around the very same time. ~ ~ Then 27 of those white trash [JUNGLE LOVE] kids in the movie's rock club scenes died in a horrific Holloweenish fire the next day in Romania. ~ ~ Speaking of white European trash. Billy Bob bumped his head pretty hard in an early morning car CRASH in LA-manite LA LA Land on the same day that CRISIS IS OUR BRAND opened in LA. ~ ~ Because the ridiculous politics story takes place down in Central America's dark skinned savage [BM] country. ~ ~ Wherein Sandra Bullock has Billy Bob role playing yours truly at: ~ ~ PER: ~ ~ More and more, it looks like one look alike will lead to another look alike in the last days of disco. ~ ~ Ergo, the breaking news that Jeb Bush has just hired a new team of Hillay Clinton type dirty-politics-hit-men to take out Sir Donald. ~ ~ BIG PROBLEM. ~ ~ Nobody but nobody out there knows how to play down and dirty and under-the-radar fuck-you-in-the-ass times-two revenge politics, religion, and culture, than I do; who is the ultimate super half moon bay werewolf Jew. ~ ~ If the money is right. ~ ~ Seriously folks. Does Mr.BB look like some dude in the above pix who has no problem at all calling a nigger a nigger? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FULL OF SHIT NOTES: DAF opens with that pistol cock covered in brown mud anal sex shit in order to set the tone for Sean Con/nery's last Jimmy Bond 007 movie shot in Las Vegas. ~ ~ ["I found myself surrounded by the two Jimmys." David Letterman.] Then it goes on to portray the two homos of Judah and Ephraim starting with the scorpion [AIDS] bugger-butt-hole bite of death plague in REV.9. ~ ~ Hence; their brown shit [Colorado] colored car that has 007 put into the car's rear ass trunk; leading up to the anal sex rat tunnel scenes. ~ ~ All of which leads to the explosive anal sex climax that features the Clock Boy's bomb fulfillment in the year 2015. ~ ~ PS TARANTINO: Speaking on behalf of that bored-to-death [AP:II] evil billionaire guy up in Seattle who is more than willing to pay you and me too for your 9th film tv series that will take at least 18 episodes to achieve full completion consciousness. I need you to admit that that giant jungle love nigger had to die for his sins in [Craig] Furgeson, MO. And that those law enforcement officers in Baltimore were doing the right thing. ~ ~ So this is my very last flaky HOLLYWOOD reel estate offering deal that I can put on the table for you. ~ ~ I give you whatever Mike Myers has been asking for in the past ten years to make AUSTIN POWERS:4; if you agree to direct it. ~ ~ Because nobody out there right now wants to touch you with a ten foot PC pole. ~ ~ Take your time to think it over. ~ ~ You want to start preproduction on it tomorrow? ~ ~ Maybe next year? ~ ~ Remember, I'm the only guy who ever said that an illegal alien half Jew nigger, who was born in Kenya, should become the best president ever of America. Just in order to teach America's white ass Democrat Party a lesson. ~ ~ Whatever, unlike those two fat ugly looking Jew pigs who have been paying for all of your motion picture projects for the past 20 years; I myself don't want to hear shit about your latest brilliant screenplay casting ideas. ~ ~ Just do it and send me the bill for God's sake and get it over with. ~ ~

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