Thursday, November 12, 2015


The reason why all of those white christian middle aged career men at the FBI are now gunning for Hillary Clinton et all is because the corrupted DOJ, that is now being run by a gang of Jewish lesbian negros, has been stonewalling the truth about Obama's fake birth certificate and his confirmed use of a stolen Social Security number for the past 7 years. ~ ~ Think Brad Pitt tries to overcome his Naziast family history of apostate christianity and Republican Party roots in SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET, and you begin to get it, at: ~ ~ GREGORY SCOTT RELF ~ ~ BUBBA NOTES: The demented lone ranger in BUBBA HO-TEP brings out his two little boy cap pistol toys of Judah and Ephraim at around the same age as today's Bush Sr. and says, "...It's an am/bush!!" ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ I AM IT NOW NOTES: My friend Mike told me that I will get to see my two lost sons of Israel when they get to be around 40; and I get to start looking like I AM is about 50; more or less. ~ ~ PS MRS. FRESH: After I watched the first half of FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE; wherein James Bond is a polygamist who hooks up with his polygamist contact in Turkey; the news broke about those eastern Turks who are hell bent on destroying Barack Obama's disgusting Nation of Islam culture that is now trying to take over America's higher institutions of learning. ~ ~ PS JODIE FOSTER: Why don't you want to become my future wife anymore? ~ ~ Do I have bad breath or something? ~ ~ CHRISTMAS IN HAWAII MOVIE NOTES: Elvis Trump made all of those BYU blue Hawaii pictures in the 1960s for a reason. Remember, this was still the era when they played a couple of DONALD DUCK cartoons in between the double feature presentations at the NEPTUNE in Seattle. ~ ~

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