Saturday, August 20, 2016


That is a blond hair job transgender Donald Trump persona at the end of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW musical that was, and still is, vastly popular with gay audiences. ~ Who suddenly becomes the new turn around [180 degrees] dark moon drenched planet leader of Sodom and Egypt in 2016. ~ Chosen by g-d h-m self to gather up the lost 12 tribes of Israel and take them all back home to where they belong. ~ If the money is right of course. ~ I wasn't raised on some chichen farm in Texas. ~ Hence, Miley Cyrus' trucker cap pix that say, "MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN" ~ Gay, as in happy, or glad; not so much homosexual. ~ GSR/TWN ~DVD NOTES: I discovered their new stash of sliced hickery wood smoked Oregon cheese at THE CHECKOUT this morning; that are seal-packed like a stack of round DVDs. ~ So I went ahead and grabbed a "previously enjoyed" DVD copy of NOTES ON A SCANDLE for a discounted price of 2.99 up at the checkout counter. ~ One may remember, this was the 2006 movie where that old crazy bat Hillary Clinton [ivy league college] lady goes completely psycho when she discovers that a physically and spiritually revived Cate Blanchet is having a secret love affair with yours truly, at: ~

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