Thursday, August 4, 2016


Now that all the big money men think that Hillary is a sure bet; it's the perfect time to up date the prophetic elements in THE STING, 1973, at: ~ Whereas that cluster fuck of orgasmic California earthquakes during last night's Jimmy Kimmel show happened around Honey Lake; which is shaped like two HUUUGE giant knockers on your Hwy.44 R/M road map; due east of LASSEN VOLCANIC NATIONALIST PARK. ~ GSR/TWN ~ JIMMY LINKS: See how God's tool Donald Trump will be elected President on November 8, 016 at, ~ AFTER HOURS SCREENING NOTES: Paul Hack It barely slips through the closing gates of heaven at the beginning of this 50/50 deal ten virgins prophecy. ~ BIG CON NOTES: Duh, Mr.Khan's name is obviously a con job word play. ~ Therefore, the more the Jews, homosexuals, and multi millionaire sports negros in high society play around with it, and Obama's birth certificate con too, the more Donald Trump takes to the bank. ~ "The house always wins..." in CASINO meets LEAVING LAS VEGAS. ~

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