Wednesday, September 28, 2016


It was Christ Mezzapeso [half weight] from Charlotte, NC who rear-ended that half ass Jesus PSALMS 911 bus in Anderson County. ~ About one hour after that metro bus got rammed in the ass inside the Lincoln Tunnel of Barack Obama up in 911 NYC. ~ Where the anal sex crowd of sodom and Egypt primarily votes Democrat. ~ Now confirmed by that metro bus that just got butt fucked by a fuel tanker out in Brentwood, PA for Jack getting caught by that Donald Trump tow-truck voter at the end of the half&half ten virgins prophecy in SIDEWAYS. ~ Which gets rolling after Miles picks up Jack in Brentwood, LA. ~ "If you want to be a lightweight, that's your call." Jack. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL IN SCOTLAND NOTES: Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will be attending Peres' funeral upon the highlands of Jeruslem in day 1290 Israel this Friday. ~ PS JIM CAREY: Don't put me in the same boat with that money grubber who is trying to extort a boat load of free money out of you. ~ Heck, I only wanted to crash on your couch for about two weeks until my diplomat passport from England arrived in the mail box. ~ But now I hear that one of my friends is going to buy the British Bahamas estate of Michael Douglas for a cool 10 big ones. ~ Where it is much easier and quicker to get the legal papers that I will need to go anywhere in the world that I desire; including London, England and Victoria, BC; not to mention Sidney, Australia and Christ Church, New Zealand. ~ Like they say down in Texas and Mexico; money talks, bullshit walks. ~ THE MEXICAN NOTES: This is the Americano triple espresso movie where a lot of what is happening today behind the scenes in Hollywood started happening back in 2001, at: ~ For example, see:

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