Friday, September 23, 2016


Now that the cards are on the table, let's have a little fun and run with it. ~ For Christ's sake, most of the old Jewish men who are still running Hollywood behind the scenes are only one doctor's appointment away from having terminal prostate cancer. ~ So what do you got to lose boys? ~ Jesus, your average motion picture takes ten years to make these days. ~ How about we do something else in the [boring as hell] meantime just for the shits and giggles? ~ IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE! ~ Cue the saxophones and the trumpets. ~ I'm thinking Donald Trump is the opening season host, with Barbara Streisand as the special musical guest. ~ Then we do a couple skits starring both of them, directed respectively by Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese. ~ Hey, why not go out with a bang? ~ Besides, "I own your ass!!" says the buck naked Donald Trump voter at the end of SIDEWAYS. ~ "Vive le difference!.. Vive le France!! France is for the French!!!" LAST TANGO IN PARIS II&III, circa October, 2027. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 2BC NOTES: All of today's DC 86 leaders are going to be hunted down and murdered, one by one, by various lone wolf assassins. ~ Because of what they have done to America; not to mention the Republican Party Mormon church in Utah. ~ You kill Jesus, Jesus kills you. ~ TIME LINE NOTES: David Lynch's MULHOLLAND DR. was the basic LOST HIGHWAY 101 inspiration behind those two guys of Judha and Ephraim staying at the WINDMILL in SIDEWAYS. ~

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