Friday, September 30, 2016


Miles exclaims "Christ Jack!!" after Jack sacrifices his aging scarlet 1993ish 1260 days period SAAB into that unmovable white oak tree of Israel at the end of SIDEWAYS, circa 2016. ~ And then playing like his full of grace Jesus figure would say, Jack replies, "I'll pay for it." ~ For an amazing Donald Trump blackjack 21 winning trump card prophecy. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: We see images of the little adopted Obama negro child after Miles talks about his precious 1961 bottle of blood red French cab from France. ~ Which included the DC 76 point of view of the Father. ~ That is still missing at the childrens' Church of Mel Gibson in Malibu, California. ~ Even that same white temple sanctuary for illegal alien slave workers up in the 7 hills of the 666 beast featured in the Miranda Kerr HARPER prophecy. ~ [Miranda is presently living in a mansion in Brentwood.] ~ TWO WEEKS NOTICE NOTES: Starting on 10.23, the corrupted decadent political class in the Boswash zone will have two weeks to clean out their desks and pack it in. ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Try not to get too carried away and emotionaly involved with your latest LSD/LDS FFING missionary prospect. ~ I'm gonna need to have you on the set of my next film at a moment's notice that I will be shooting in Roma. ~ Of course, I will pay you forward for it handsomely; one way or the other. ~ Believe me you I know, there is nothing free in this life. ~ Especially when it comes to having the best wives. ~ PS CARREY MULLIGAN: According to THE SHINING prophecy, your time to shine will come during the winter time in Colorado, circa 2017. ~ Per my own private love shack prophecy at: ~

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