Friday, September 30, 2016


The developing MATTHEW 25 ten virgins meet THE WEDDING CRASHERS storm turned into a yuuge cat 5 on the same day of Peres' big fat funeral for Babylon in 35 longitude Israel. ~ Which they are predicting will slam into Obama's negro Jamaica before it roars into Bernie and Hillary's socialist Cuba. ~ While everyone on the mainland is hoping and praying that the thing suddenly doesn't go sideways somewhere along the east coast of America. ~ Meanwhile, Donald Trumps' white male tow-truck drivers seem to be getting bus/ier and bus/ier by the day. ~ The latest being that school bus full of Miles' 8th graders that crashed in New Lebanon, USA on the day of Peres' 5 day DEATH TRAP omen funeral. ~ And the school bus crash in Olive Township, Michigan that confirmed those SIDEWAYS scenes shot in Los Olivos, California; etc. etc. ~ That represent the two olive trees of Judah and Ephraim in the last days of Sodom and Egypt. ~ When Hillary Clinton suddenly burst on the scene on the very first day of the two witnesses' 1260 days countdown in 1993. ~ And now her political carreer is going to crash and burn like the two dudes do at the WINDMILL INN location across the street from ANDERSON'S BEST WESTERN motel theme in the prophetically inspired 2003 movie. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MONDAY DEBATE NOTES: During last Monday's debate, there was an unusually large swarm of RT.111 earthquakes in Imperial County, Bombay, California's Chocolate Mountains region. ~ Most famous for it's war games practice zones involving live bombing runs and live artillery shelling target practice. ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: At this particular point in time; October, 1 through October 23, 2016; it would not matter a hill of beans if somewhere along the campaign stump trail you get so excited that you dropped your pants like my forerunner Jim Morrison did at his last American concert rally in Miami. ~ You own it now. ~ You can say or do anything that you want now. ~ It's already in the bag. ~ And the best part is, not even Austin Powers or Woody Norris can stop you. ~

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