Saturday, September 10, 2016


I can't remember exactly how I got it. ~ But I do remember that the first time I listened to my radio nostalgia series cassette tape of Orson Welles' THE SHADOW was when I was driving my 1979 powder blue OLDS down to LA on I-15 southeast of Sandy Valley, Nevada, northwest of Crescent Peak; along the Scottish MCCULLOUGH RANGE's highlander mountains just out of a small place called Jean. ~ But now that I think about it. ~ I probably got the tape as a premium gift for subscribing to some east coast magazine back in the 80s. ~ Yes, I'm pretty sure that's right. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS HILLARY: You have been involved in a committed polygamist open marriage situation for some 50 years now. ~ Get real. Lose the left-wing third-way fascism. ~ Clean up your pop culture bullshit act. ~ You're too old for that crap. ~ Become born again and baptised into the born again LSD church in Utah. ~ You do have a friend in Jesus. ~ And friends don't let friends drink and drive. ~ PS JEFF: Less queer in the bad sense of the word. ~ More queer in the good sense of The Word, at ~ Yeah I know. ~ This is some pretty strange shit that is pretty hard for most people to take; whether they like it or not. ~ I love you man. ~ PS CARA MIA: In my world, you get to keep your physically transfigured Ornella Fresh look alike girlfriend in MOONSTRUCK, etc. and you get to fuck her husband too, like at: ~ What are friends for anyway? ~
I pay for everything. ~ You make me my everything. ~

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