Tuesday, September 13, 2016


"WOMAN HIT BY FLYING CATFISH!!" is just the latest example of how the NEW YORK POST has become a better read than that fish wrapper newspaper that the senile old gray ladies still read on the upper west side, at:
http://q106.iheart.com/onair/jason-4783/woman-injured-by-a-flying-catfish-15098618/ ~ [Note the Greek vase museum context location.] ~ Obviously, all of those conspiracy theories about Bill and Hillary's political enemies dying off at just the right time have become vindicated. ~ And of course, Barack Obama is not even a US citizen. ~ Get it? ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JULIA: Let me know when you finally get tired of looking so old. ~ And now you're thinking about going for a rather younger MYSTIC PIZZA meets SHAMPOO swingers look, like at: http://www.justjared.com/photo-gallery/3757787/taylor-swift-spends-the-night-hanging-out-with-bff-gigi-hadid-and-zayn-malik3-02/fullsize/ ~ PS MIKE: Dr.Evil just exposed his latest huge screen test rocket project. ~ Could be a sign from g-d that now you get to finally make AP:IV on a full sized Hollywood Jew budget. ~ Just for the shits and giggles of course; like who even gives a shit anymore if it makes one dime in profit at the box office. ~ "I make that much money in one day." Elton John. ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: Your underaged virgin son is really starting to look sexy and handsome these days. ~ Better keep him away from all of those homosexual pop culture predators out there in such movies as AMERICAN DREAMZ meets DEEP MICROPHONE. ~

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