Sunday, September 4, 2016


The seven trumpets of Donald Trump start playing after their half hour of silence in REV.8:2. ~ Which are represented by that muted trumpet player in the secret underground LAmanite temple in the after hours in MULHOLLAND DR. ~ As in the inspired thematic surprise opening act on SNL that always goes, IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!! ~ Oh the tears of joy. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: A half hour in heaven is less than 21 years in earth time. ~ Therefore, starting from 7.3, 8.2, 9.16, yada yada in 1996, that would be about the time when Trump is elected President, and when he becomes officially inaugurated with his  left hand placed on top of the Bible, and his right arm to the square, DANIEL 12 style. ~ PROGRAMMING NOTE: Probably the only other one who could haul in a $billion$ in free publicity on SNL's opening night season, besides Donald Trump and Woody Allen, is Matt Drudge. ~ If all else fails to happen right now; I would go for PLAN B PRODUCTIONS' Brad Pitt. ~ Otherwise, nobody older than 40 will even bother to tune into the once cutting-edge NBC network show. ~ FUCK ME NOW JESSE NOTES: Puffy Combs just endorsed Donald Trump's blond hair shampoo job for President!! ~ What's next? ~ John Waters tweets that for the first time in his life he is going to vote Log Cabin Republican? ~ PS SPIKE LEE: I will slip in a little something extra special for you and the boys on the backside if you agree to come out in favor of Donald Trump for President; a.k.a. Daddy Warbucks. ~ I know that you personally don't need the money. ~ However, you could always use it to help out all of your neighbors, friends, and family who actually do need it. ~ I get it. ~ You niggers only vote for the one with the money. ~ "That's what I'm talking about..." NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. ~ What are friends for anyway? ~ I don't kill you. ~ You don't kill me. ~ And everyone goes home fat and happy. ~ Like in DO THE RIGHT [WING] THING meets your typical Greek ANIMAL HOUSE fraternity movie entitled SCHOOL DAZE, at: ~

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