Friday, September 9, 2016


There will probably be some really bad luck happening before the semi live theater style SNL show opens on the NBC stage at 30 ROCK this fall; per the ME & ORSON WELLES prophecy made in early pre Obama 2008. ~ Wherein some "blond kid" replaces Mr. Hamlet at the end. ~ Because God Himself is running the show and paying for everything out of his own pocket. ~ He who pays the fiddler calls the tunes. ~ Sure, by late winter, early spring, 2008, people were beginning to hear about some lean & light skinned negro guy from Chicago with no real political experience; and no real USA birth certificate. ~ So the idea of him standing a chance against Hillary Clinton was still a pretty crazy idea. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JIM CAREY: I'm paddling my Canadian canoe on Crooked Lake, British Columbia as fast as I can. ~ I know, the new anti law & order white man [Jewish] craze is about ME MYSELF & IRENE. ~ Trust me, I will get around to it when the time is right. ~ KING DAVID NOTES: Here is a nice cowgirl outfit on my barely legal wife who likes to go square dancing with the stars at Letterman's dude ranch in Montana, at: ~ 41ST STREET THEATER NOTES: The above 2009 Turkey season movie release takes place on 41st for a Hwy.41_ time line context. ~ About when the likes of Brad Pitt and Michael Medved start to wake up and smell the coffee. ~ Whatever, note that the trumpets of Donald Trump start playing again when the MERCURY THEATER's sprinkler system turns on. ~ Because the latter-day-sants' dark priesthood prince in DANIEL 9 worships the 666 goddess of physical scientific forces in the San Francisco Bay area of Oakland, California.

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