Friday, September 16, 2016


Barack Obama's last state of the union speech on January 20, 2016 marked the 42nd mouth after the Aurora, Colorado shooting in theater 9 at the REV.16 multiplex screening of BATMAN:13 on 7.20, 2012. ~ Mark my words, on November 8 it will be all over for the man with a tan who was born in Africa, and later became an Indonesian citizen with a college foreign aid degree in 666 law from HARVARD. ~ Ergo, the FBI's Mr.Comey director with the short haircut is not recommending prosecution of the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14, just because he has posted a fraudulent document on an official government web site. ~ Hey, if it feels good do it. ~ Or if it doesn't feel good, then don't do it. ~ Whatever. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SNL SHADOW NOTES: I'm thinking we have Donald Trump stand up and declare once in for all that Barack Obama was born in America. ~ Then we do the traditional after hours mean streets surprise interruption that goes, "IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!!" ~ Then we have the Donald himself walk out on the live theater stage with the opening line, "I was only joking... YOU'RE NOT FIRED!! ~ Remember, I got paid $115,000 for writing [the moderate Jewish Republican] Joan Rivers just ten one-liners like this back when she was hosting for Johnny Carson in the Reaganite 80s. ~ After that, it was all downhill and easy going. ~ Come on, I seriously doubt that even today's top SNL writers get paid that much; adjusted for inflation of course. ~

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