Monday, September 12, 2016


God is making Hillary Clinton look ill because she originally comes from Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama's home state of Lincoln, Illinois. ~ As just confirmed by that negro burning house omen along the day 1290 river in Memphis, Egypt, USA. ~ Only hours after all of those sons of Ham in the NFL had disrespected Donald Trump's official USA campaign 2016 flag logo. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JULIA: In your own private Idaho state PRETTY WOMAN prophecy, you cast away all of your emotional baggage and ignorant political bigotry in order to help my friend and brother Donald Trump become a better man. ~ If you can do that for me too this time around, I will make you look just as marvelous as you did in the original Richard Gere [Buddhist] love guru movie. ~ What are fuck buddies for anyway? ~ You scratch my back, I scratch your back. ~ All is well that ends well in love and war. ~ Remember, you and I had a thing going on in Malibu at Charlize Theron's beach house in AMERICAN GIGOLO; not to mention MYSTIC PIZZA. ~ Back when you had that amazing full head of hair, like at: ~ And you were not afraid to look me in the eye and tell it like it is. ~ PS MICHAEL SAVAGE: How about a reality TV show on the Internet that takes place on an amazingly restored vintage 51' sailboat in Marin County? ~ Wherein the show dares to go beyond the place in time and space where it all didn't have to happen in THE GRADUATE. ~ I know, they already did that in BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR. ~ However, that iconic indie film did not get the widespread distribution deal that it deserved. ~ BFD, a certain amount of inner city sex perverts saw it and loved it. ~ Even the same old same old ones who are still trying to prop up Hillary Clinton and make her look sexy and attractive to this day. ~ Meanwhile, you and me are already lineing up the barely legal talent to star in THE BIG LEBOWSKI's uncensored series. ~ You betcha, I do have the kind of money that it takes to make that kind of thing happen now. ~

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