Saturday, September 3, 2016


It's looking more and more like Donald Trump will be the opening premier season guest host for SNL this fall. ~ I know, it's pretty damn hard to look at a $$ billion $$ in free publicity cash just lying there on the writers' conference table right in front of you without helping yourself to some of it. ~ So what if I'm wrong. ~ Since the entire opening season after hours show is going to be all Trump, all the time. ~ You bet your sweet ass darling; even when I am wrong, I AM is twice as right by half. ~ Besides, what's the next most possible option that could generate that kind of big money heat? ~ Woody Allen gets the gig? ~ Yeah, right. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WHITE MAN NOTES: This Sabbath morning's 5.6 White Horse Prophecy Pentecostal shakers sign happened near [Dick] Morrison, Oklahoma in the Jewish pawn shop area of Pawnee County; near the negro's Black Bear Creek right there. ~ The bear being a furry relative of the pig. ~ PS MS FOX: Keep standing up and speaking out in church with your mysterious undecipherable GSR/TWN posting tongues about today's Sodom and Egypt situation. ~ Sooner or later, someone in your local LA church congregation will post his inspired translations of what Jesus is saying through you on the Internet. ~ PS JC: Is it OK if I crash on your sofa for a few weeks in the East Village this fall? ~ While I await my British Virgin Islands diplomat passport and drivers license to come through. ~ Which will allow me to enter Canada and France er all anytime I feel like it on my own private G6 without having to answer to any of their pesty [birth certificate] email questions about back taxes and back child support payments. ~ When I AM  becomes the King of England, I do what I want. ~ You do what I say. ~ Otherwise you have no promise. ~

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