Thursday, September 22, 2016


The violent rioting and chaos erupted in the African Congo at the same time that the niggers started doing the same thing in today's Africanized America. ~ Ergo, the liars on the left claim that Obama was born in America. ~ When in fact all we white people who know how to read know that he was born in Africa. ~ Hence, the SAAB crashed into the white oak that they use for making white wine in SIDEWAYS. ~ And we see the red car driving along the freeway with all of those 911 jet airplanes in the background. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WAPO DC NOTES: That newspaper owned by Seattle's Dr.Evil went after Snowden for a warning about those Russian hackers who have some of Hillary's deleted emails. ~ PS TRUMP: More vanilla wedding cake with white frosting, less chocolate wedding cake with brown frosting. ~ PS BRAD: God inspired Angelina to break up with you at this particular election season time because HE wants the people to start thinking more about the prophetic elements in THE BREAKUP follow up to the RISKY BUISNESS prophecy. ~ Which happened at the same time that my own crazy French prepschool wife left me in LAST TANGO IN PARIS: II&II. ~ Now my handlers in Hollywood are telling me that you would make a more believable older dude fucking two nearly legal babes in the ass at the same time in these two sequals. ~ Plus, they are also now insinuating that we would have to find a way to squeeze Bill Murray into our two sequals to THE BIG LEBOWSKI if we ever hope to get the money for it. ~ Jesus. When will it ever end. ~ Talk about being stuck in development hell.

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