Wednesday, September 21, 2016


ROSEMARY'S BABY died in a handicapped zone car accident up in [1290] Danbury, Conn on the same day that the film's prophetic anima figure was down in Orlando, Florida pushing for more 666 social media style fascist justice for people who are still stuck in their FDR era wheelchairs. ~ In confirmation of the SAAB in SIDEWAYS that runs into that huge immovable oak tree of lost Israel featured on the face of today's commemorative Connecticut coins. ~ This being the same idea in THE DARJEELING LIMITED about today's new age globalist Republicans like George Bush Jr. and Mitt Romney. ~ Hence, after Miles finishes off his 1961 bottle of red wine in a chocolate milkshake cup that bears Barack Obama's future 2008 campaign sun logo. ~ We see that UN basketball globe in the classroom. ~ Where the teacher is still just fucking up all of his prepschool kids with his elite liberal private school JUCO negativity. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LINKS: For starters, see: ~ Then Google the meaning of the Biblical name 'Thaddeus'. ~ APRIL 26 NOTES: This date refers to the initial 70 weeks period of President Donald Trump in DAN.9; when the wall will be built; and the road will be repaired; during very "troubleous times". ~ PS GLENN BECK: "More beautiful young women, less ugly old women." THE LOVE GURU:II&III. ~

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