Saturday, September 17, 2016


People who believe in all that hogwash about Barack Obama being born in Hawaii are basically afraid of their own shadow, like at: ~ In other words, birtherism is for men, and anti birtherism is for girls with blond hair shampoo jobs. ~ You want to restore civility in politics? ~ Stop spreading the silly divisive gossip and the outright angry lies about the man with the strange looking tan who was born in east coast [USA] Africa. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ GSR/TWN ~ STOP IT NOTES: Barack Obama has three perfectly legal and legitimate [three woes] birth certificate documents; the one originally published in the HONOLULU ADVERTISER newspaper; the one that his [Lake Washington, Seattle, Mercer Island African] mother used in her 1964 divorce filing; and the original one filed at the hospital where he was actually born in British Kenya, Africa, circa 8.4.61. ~ Where today's Crown Prince of England proposed marriage to his current wife in a little mountain log cabin in Kenya. ~ And reportedly she is now pregnant with twins. ~ Think Michael Medved meets the ghost of Rodger Ebert in Chicago on PBS meets NPR, circa 1986. ~

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