Wednesday, September 28, 2016


It said PSALMS 91:11 on the back of that church bus which got sideways and crashed in Anderson County, South Carolina; for the HWY.246 shot of that "ANDERSON'S" BEST WESTERN motel in SIDEWAYS; after the two pass by THE PALM'S BARBAR hairstylist shop for a SHAMPOO election season 2016 timeline. ~ Then we see the RIO VISTA card dealership view of the 1290 days river in DANIEL 12. ~ Which leads to the film's thematic DC 58 feast advertisement voiceover for the event's expensive fine wines and low low 5.8% financing. ~ As just confirmed by the two weeks notice of Peres dying exactly 5 days before Rosh Hoshana starts. ~ I can't keep up anymore; is this the one where they send the injured kids to the Arnold Palmer childrens hospital? ~ GSR/TWN ~ BLOODY RED WINE NOTES: Basically, Pinot is the queen of wines, and cab is the king of wines. ~ The one being more tasty and seductive. ~ The other being more strong and noble. ~ And usually ages more handsomely than the first prettier one. ~ Which tends to be too sensitive at times. ~ NUMBERS NOTES: Here is Jennifer Aniston having a really good time with that handsome tv series actor named Jack in SIDEWAYS, at: ~ Which ended about 11 years go. ~ PS STEVE HUGHES: There is a reason why you look like that tall Jewish guy who co-wrote and directed SIDEWAYS. ~ Think LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets THERE WILL BE BLOOD at: ~ Note the above 00:10 time-stamp.

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