Saturday, September 17, 2016


That bus crash carrying Clinton College JUCO league football players was confirmed later in the day by that garbage dumpster bomb in Chelsea. ~ It happening near the Scotland County, North Carolina line on it's way to a game with the God's Chosen Deciples JUCO team; meaning the moderate Jewish Republican caricature Donald Trump is God's chosen servant. ~ BFD. ~ The man likes to tell a joke and toss out a few one-liners every now and then. ~ It being the same day I watched my previously enjoyed copy of SIDEWAYS. ~ It ending with that big fat Greek Orthodox Church wedding. ~ Wherein that once amazingly delicious blood red [REV.14] 1961 born bottle of Barack Obama is now past it's peak; so we better uncork it now. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: In this inspired 2003 made movie, Sandra Oh plays Woody Allen's wife "Soony"; who soon gets realy pissed off and angry with his liberal bullshit JUCO society nonsense. ~ Typically, Asian women are more attracted to mature men. ~ As opposed to those immature school boys in ANNIE HALL meets MANHATTAN, etc. etc. ~ "My own wife doesn't even like to watch my movies." Woody Allen. ~ I'm not really a big fan of the sideways fuck. ~ Possibly because my own cock is not quite as big as Tom Brady's slightly deflated football at the end of SIDEWAYS, per: ~

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