Thursday, September 8, 2016


ME & ORSON WELLES ends in 2016 with that magical Greek President of America vase prophecy in all of those NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM movies. ~ After starting out with a medicine wheel wall portrait of the thin light skinned abomination of desolation's son of Ham at about 10:18 into it. ~ And then my sexy blond FFING Jewish wife refers to me as "Mr. Relfes'"  ~ While they hand-write in November 22 on the yellow MERCURY fliers. ~ Wherein the 2008 made movie happens right before, and right after, Donald Trump gets elected on November 8. ~ Per the film's special NAPOLEON DYNAMITE election season warning in the end to never trust that tall thin man with a light skin tan in DANIEL. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CITIZEN KANE LIGHTING PREVIEWS: Hillary Clinton's phoney progressive  political career suddenly implodes when the other [Brad Pitt] half who only watch CNN and FOX NEWS learn about her shadow husband's shadow career as a womanizer in the worse degree. ~ PS PITT: FOX was the original "never Trump" channel. ~ And the reason why you still don't know this is because you never listen to Rush Limbaugh. ~ More big Lebowski, less little Lebowski. ~ In other words, more after hours anticommunist midnight radio, less Howard Stern SPACEX satellite late night radio about winter-time UFOs and abominable snowman sightings in the Hymalayan Mountains. ~ PS SNL: Howard Stern is your only other chance for decent ratings on this season's guest host opener. ~ That is if you really do want a large cut of this fall season's cash money on the barrel; Italiano style. ~ PS TRUMP: Your 7 trumpets in REV.8.2, 2016, start to play, "...after two beats." in ME & ORSON WELLES right after the theater's [two matchsticks of Judah & Ephraim] cause the house fire sprinkles to go off and wreck everything. ~ "Bad luck happens." Woody Allen. ~

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